Soft Walk Breathable Mesh Dog Harness


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This Dog Harness Is Made From A Lightweight, Soft Mesh, Breathable Material For An Active And motion Controlled Comfort.

Escape Proof: Buckle Lock Can Become More Secure With Just Switching The Lock On Or Off.

Ergonomic Design Makes It Easy To Put On As It Is To Take Off. Reduces Risk Of Common harness chafing, Irritation Of Skin By Repetitive Friction.

Adjustable Straps With Heavy Duty Buckle, Made From High-end Material To Prevent Breakaway. 

Helps Keep Pet’s Body Temperature Cool In Summer By Releasing Excess heat and Warm In The Winter By Retaining Heat.

Fit For All Kinds Of Dogs.

Size Chart

Size XS: Neck Is 18-23cm/7-9in,chest Is 28-36cm/11-13in

Size S: Neck Is 23-28cm/9-11in,chest Is 36-41cm/13-16in

Size M: Neck Is 28-33cm/11-13in,chest Is 41-48cm/16-19in

Size L : Neck Is 33-38cm/13-15in,chest Is 48-58cm/19-23in

Size XL: Neck Is 38-43cm/15-17inn,chest Is 51-74cm/20-29in


Black, Blue, Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow


XL, XS, M, L, S

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