Single Hand Dog Hair Removable Glove


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Ideal Gift For Pet Lovers: Left Hand For Pet Grooming Shedding. Right Hand For Hair Remover For Furniture. Thicker Silicone Material Prevents Hurt From Pet Scratching And Prolongs The Service Life.

Gentle Grooming Brush: More Soft, Flexible Mitt Groomer Turns Petting Into An Effective Shedding That Brushes Away Pet Hairs, Light Tangles, And Undercoats Efficiently. Our Pet Brush Glove Has 255 Higher Silicon Tips To Collect More Furs Compare With Other Pet Grooming Brushes On The Market.

Cleaning Glove For Hair Remover: New Silicone Bar Design Specifically Solves The Hair Removal And Cleaning Problem Of Pet Families. Fur Removal Glove With A Larger Contact Area, Making Cleaner Easier, Great For Couch, Carpet, Cat Bed, Etc.

Pets Love Glove; Pet Brush Glove Makes Hair Shed In Soft Massage Which Makes Cats And Dogs Enjoy Petting. Great For Dogs And Cats With Short, Medium, Curly, Or Long Coats, The Grooming Glove Makes Bathing, Grooming, And Cleaning An Enjoyable Experience For Both You And Your Pet! Daily Removing Hair Not Only Helps Reduce Flying Hair In The Air, Also Stimulates Skin Oils And Improves Coat Softness And Shine.

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