Lightweight Dog Poop Bag Dispenser


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Super Practical Shit Bag Dispenser Novel In Shape, It Also Solves The Portable Disposal Method After Dog Excretion. With The Semi-transparent Design, The Margin Is Clearly Visible, Solving The Embarrassment That The Toilet Picker Can’t See The Remaining Bag At All.

The Lightweight Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Can Be Easily Fixed To Any Dog Leash Flatly, Or It Can Be Fixed To The Dog’s Collar Or Seat Belt With A Metal Button, So You Don’t Have To Worry About Walking The Dog Anymore.

The Shell Of The Toilet Pick-up Box Is Made Of Excellent Material, Which Is Wear-resistant And Durable. It Is Not Afraid Of Being Broken. The Surface Feels Full. If It Is Dirty, It Can Be Washed Directly With Water.

Ideal Size Design, Perfect Match With All Kinds Of Poo Bags. When You Go Out To Train Your Dog, Don’t Look For Garbage Bags, But You Can Quickly Get Them. Compared With Plastic Dispensers, It Does Not Produce Annoying Sounds When Walking.

Dog Poop Dispensers And Pet Poop Bags Are Your Ideal Choice, Perfect For Walking, Running And Hiking With Your Puppy. The Dog Garbage Bag Dispenser Bag Is The Perfect Gift For Your Pet’s Outdoor Activities.

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