Dog Water Bottle & Poop Shovel


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This Dog Bottle Makes It Easy For You To Take Your Puppy Or Other Pets Out For A Walk, A Trip Or A Hike. There Is A Container For Dog Food Under The Water Container. It Can Meet The Various Needs Of Dogs. The O-shaped Drinking Trough Is More Suitable For All Kinds Of Dogs’ Mouths, And Also Can Prevent Water From Spilling.

This Dog Travel Water Bottle Has A Safety Button That Can Control The Water Come Out By Accident. If Your Dog Wants To Drink, Simply Press The Button To Fill Water. And You Can Put The Leftover Water Back Into The Pet Bottle If You Are In The Car Or Traveling By Plane. And You Can Push The Button To Lock It.

With Harmless, Reliable, And Durable Materials, This Pet Travel Water Bottle Is Not Easily Breakable. Bring Your Dogs A Nice Outdoor Experience.

The Trash Bags Are Stored At The Bottom Of The Cup. The Poop Shovel Is Stuck On The Cup When Not In Use. Putting Trash Bags In A Shovel Can Help Clean Up Your Dog’s Poop Without Getting Your Hands Dirty.

This Lightweight Cup Can Hold 300ml Of Clean Water. It Isn’t Heavy To Carry Around. The Hanging Rope On The Top Makes It Easy To Carry. Perfect Dog Water Dispenser For Your Dog When On The Go

Volume: Water: 300ml, Food: 150ml

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