Dog UFO Treat Toys Food Dispensing IQ Chasing


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  • This Interactive Dog Toy Is Made Of Made Of Non-toxic And Environmental Friendly.
  • The Design Of The Leakage Holes Reduces The Eating Speed, Promote Active And Healthy Slow Feeding Habits, Improve Digestion And Prevent Bloat, As Well As Being A Toy For Dog Health.
  • This Puzzle Ball Is Great For Keeping Your Dog Distracted And Occupied! Dogs Get A Solid Minute Of Entertainment And Develop Intellectual Skills From IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toys.
  • Easy To Take Apart For Filling And Cleaning, The Interactive Toy Ball Easily To Add Your Dog’s Favorite Dry Treats Or Kibble, As Well As To Make Cleaning Simple. Rinse And Dry Before Filling!
  • Toss It Like A Frisbee Or Nose It To Flip It Over; Dogs Like When You Toss It And It Bounces And Then Dogs Chase It. Frisbee Games Enhance Interaction With Dogs And Improve Interests, It Will Increase Emotion With Your Pet.

Turquoise, Yellow

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